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Hike the less-traveled trails, experience the sea, enjoy meals of locally caught and grown food and wines  of  Cinque Terre.   Share the culture of this unique part of Italy, with charming and fun locals whose families have lived there for generations.

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While Cinque Terre is beautiful and can be so captivating that you really don't want to leave, it is ideally located to explore and experience the rest of Liguria.  Liguria is the Italian region that occupies the land along the coast from the border of France down to Tuscany, just past La Spezia.  Its largest city is Genoa (Genova), famous to North Americans as being the birthplace of Christopher Columbus but famous to Italians for its significance as a port and a capital throughout the history of Italy.  And of course, there is Portofino, just north of the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre. 

Cinque Terre lies in the southern area of Liguria where it borders both Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.  It is just a day trip to visit places in Tuscany, such as the famous cities of Firenze, Pisa, Lucca as well as the beaches of Versilia and the marble towns of Carrera and Pietrasanta.  Think Michelangelo - see the David in Florence and then see what Michelangelo went through to get the marble for his sculptures by visiting  Carrera and Pietrasanta.

And then there are the places which are recognized world-wide for being the source of incredible food such as Prosciutto (di Parma),  Parmegiano Reggiano cheese, the balsamic vinegar of Modena, just to mention a few.  And a little down the road from Modena, the city of Bologna, considered by many to be the food capital of Italy,which is quite an accolade in a nation of great food!

All within train or driving distance from Cinque Terre!

Things to do:

I Recommend:  www.toscanasaporita.com
Toscana Saporita is a cooking school near Viareggio that in addition to great cooking classes and food, offers an overall Tuscan experience, giving flavours of Tuscany of both food and culture.  It is a wonderful way to begin your trip to Italy.  Follow this with the Cinque Terre Adventure to experience Ligurian flavours and activities.
Contact me for more information or to book a cooking class, by day or week, singly or as a group.  chris@experiencecinqueterre.com

To join me with the locals for the Experience Cinque Terre adventure, please
email         chris@experiencecinqueterre.com 

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