Experience Cinque Terre

Hike the less-traveled trails, experience the sea, enjoy meals of locally caught and grown food and wines  of  Cinque Terre.   Share the culture of this unique part of Italy, with charming and fun locals whose families have lived there for generations.

Leave the planning to us!

Introduction & Benvenuti to Experience Cinque Terre, Italy!!

-    Experience Cinque Terre tour - dates available for 2015  are September 22-26 - book now!
-    Vernazza celebrates Feast of Corpus Christi, June 6, 2010
-    Rain causes landslide on sentiero between Vernazza and Monterosso
-    Saturday, May 29 in Vernazza - the only wine exhibit dedicated to Cinque Terre D.O.C.                              
-    National Park of Cinque Terre to study health benefits of drinking Schiacchetra!  
-    February in Vernazza - beautiful and quiet, very few people.  See blog for photos of almost empty streets

I love Cinque Terre, all aspects of it.  I love the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. I love the sound and smell of the Ligurian Sea  along the hiking trails, i sentieri.  And during summer, I love swimming in it, from the rocks or from the beaches of Vernazza and Monterosso!  And of course, I love the food - the pesto for which Cinque Terre is as famous as it is for the fresh seafood and the Cinque Terre DOC wines, including the special dessert wine, sciacchetrà.  And of course, best of all, I love the locals.



With this website, I hope to share this love with you.  If you have been there, be sure to share your thoughts on the blog.   http://blog.experiencecinqueterre.com/



If you have not yet been to Cinque Terre, I invite you to join me.  You can join me for my special tour of small groups and being with the locals there, or at least join me by visiting all parts of this site.  There is a lot of information about everything in Cinque Terre, and pictures as well.



Please be sure to visit the blog and make comments!



To join me in Cinque Terre for a wonderful adventure that will give you the experience of being a local, join me in Cinque Terre as part of a small group - go to the next page THE ADVENTURE for more information


I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the beauty of Cinque Terre with you!

Suggestions to make your trip even better and more fun:

Take a great camera such as Canon Powershot G11

Make sure that you have the right supplies for comfortable and safe travel:

Learn some Italian before you go! 
If you can communicate at least a little bit in Italian, you will have unique experiences, far beyond what you will have by communicating in English. You can be a participant, and not just a spectator.

The TellMeMore program is the global leader in language learning software.  As well as the usual, there are 2 additional features that make it a stand-out - cutting edge voice recognition to help with pronunciation and combination of 2000 hours of instruction with more than 10,000 exercises.  Speaking from personal experience, exercises make a huge difference between knowing the language and being able to actually use it.

Research other things that you want to do while in Italy
While I offer authentic experiences for 4 -6 people (Cinque Terre and the rest of Italy) Select Italy is a resource for other needs such as museum tickets, Italian goods, music tickets and tours for larger groups.  Visiting Select Italy could be helpful just for additional ideas.

For books, art and music that feature Cinque Terre, click this link:
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Pack Light !!
One way to lighten you load is to pack a Kindle instead of heavy books:
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